Thursday, January 19, 2012

"My Bedroom"

Sounds like the start to one of those "how well do you know this person" games.  Sadly it is not.   

I once heard that when decorating a house the first room you should decorate is your bedroom, to keep a lively... certain type of life.  I do not know who told me this nor if it is true but it makes me wonder.  I have not taken that advice in my home.  We bought a little ranch style home a few years back and have slowly be redoing it and we are almost done: all that's left on the inside is one bathroom, a few small touches here and there (light fixtures mainly), and our bedroom.  It is kind of sad looking right now.  Having just been given a fresh batch of clothes (got to love giveaway bags) it sits in a pile on one side of the bed begging to get organized and used.  There are pieces and parts to the bathroom we have not yet finished sitting around.  When I look around the room I wonder who actually takes that advice.  Not that it is bad advice just that it seems a lot more pragmatic (hence why I did it the way I did... bit too practical for my own good) to decorate the areas to be seen often then where you sleep.   Don't get me wrong I am giddy over finally doing some decorating in my bedroom!  

Do you ever stare and wonder: what should I do?  My bedroom is like a blank canvas... just too many ideas. And no decisions.  If you'd like and have the time feel free to leave suggestions for what we should do!

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  1. The bedroom is usually the last priority :) It's not what company sees when they come over!