Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crafts for the wedding.

 I can finally show you some of the projects I was working on for my sister's wedding.  I ended up being over the decor for the wedding.  So I made banners and two "here comes" "the bride" signs.

First came the signs

For the "here comes" and "the bride" I took burlap and cut it to size (that is the size that I wanted to signs to be).

Then I used some creams material and cut out the letters by hand but they have tracers that can be used, that are awesome.

I laid them the letters and pinned them.

Then came the banners. 

I used the same cream and burlap materials from the other signs.  
I wanted a imperfect look so I cut it out by hand but stencils can make it a bit easier.

I did a layering to make the letters (standing for Sarah and Stephen) stand out!

I attached them to a matching piece of yarn that would be long enough to attach to anything that I would need to attach it to.

I took all the material I had using for all the other projects and used them for basic banners for the walls.  Cut carrots out and attach them to yarn.  I folded material over and cut out the carrot like shapes (making almost a diamond shape).

And this is the final product for both!

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  1. I'm so thankful for all you did to make my wedding and reception pretty and in my taste. You are wonderful and so gracious!