Thursday, January 5, 2012

Life change in baby steps

In January there is always a list of resolutions that are made up and generally getting organized is one of them.  If you are actually going to try and tackle that one this year, a word of caution: start small.  Getting organized can take the wind out of your sails pretty quickly.  Getting organized is a life change, much like loosing weight and keeping it off.  There is no crash course it will be a difficult change BUT it can be done and done pretty easy.  Start small. Pick a small project.  Something that is close to your heart, something that really bugs you that isn't organized.  Something as silly as your sock drawer, it doesn't matter but make the project small.  Organize that one drawer and with each time you access the drawer keep it that way.  When you put away the laundry place those "socks" exactly where they are supposed to go.  Organization is getting in the habit of straightening continuously.  When you pull something out, after you use it, put it away.  But for today pick one thing, one small thing to organize and keep on it everyday and come back Tuesday to see what to add to organizational regiment.

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