Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Won't last past the Apocalypse but. . .

I don't ever feel like I have enough storage space in a bathroom.  I'm pretty sure each bathroom should have a closet built in for all the stuff you actually want to store in your bathroom. . . or am I alone in this "way too much stuff to space" thing?

All the same I went looking around for options and found out that above the toilet cabinets are silly expensive for even the mesh boards with sticker like material over it to make it look like wood you're looking at around $100 or more.  That seems a little silly to me (when it is not a higher quality cabinet at least).  

So I set out on a voyage to find a solution that won't break the bank when I came across this.

I was walking around target and found it.  It was $15 and wasn't exactly what I wanted but it was a price I couldn't argue with.

The instructions and construction process was fairly simple, took me all of 5 minutes to get it all put together.

Hanging wasn't too bad either.  The screws go through the metal and so it has a big enough space a pen can go through it and mark the wall so there wasn't really a need to measure if you have a level and are okay with a little guessing.

Next came the drilling.  The cabinet is about 18" so it doesn't work well with hitting 2 x 4's so the kit comes with the wall brackets.  My drill head choices were not the right size so I simply and slowly drilled in and circled the drill around the hole.  Slowly removing a bit of drywall till I got the hole to the right diameter.  

Next you just take a hammer and tap the wall bracket in place.

Then screw it in place

And fill it with all your stuff

Though it isn't exactly what I wanted and won't last after the Apocalypse comes for $15 I couldn't much beat it and you got to love an easy insulation process!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

I know you can do it everywhere but I love the feel of the vintage look.  Well, I guess you could do it everywhere and have a completely vintage home but I'm not that committed.  But I saw these curtain hangers and I thought they were too cute and had to grab them.  

Beneficially not only where they "Hot Hot Hot" they were cheap, got to love a deal.  A simple change makes my bathroom feel all the more coming together despite the fact that it is missing a mirror!

One small step for me is one small step for my bathroom.

Slowly but surely! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So often I look around my house and I see the error, the list yet to finish, the endless amount of things I wish I did in a day but don't get done.

Today I say no.  No to the negative me.  No to the looking at the slightly crooked tile.  No to the "But we haven't done ...."  No to the lists of things to do.  Today I stop and take in all that we have done.  I mean really you'd think that it would be easier to focus on the fact that we have completely revamped our kitchen, one of our bathrooms, have painted all but two rooms in the house, have pictures hanging on the wall, and are working towards redoing our second bathroom.  Today I take in all that we have done.

Be encouraged today.  You will always have things you need to get done on your house (I know that I will never stop creating more things for the list) take time to enjoy what you have created: a home.

And please, in about 2 hours when I forget about all this new found optimism, remind me!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some for now

We love hats.  A little too much.  And for a really long time they have been sitting stacked on one of our bedside tables, sad I know but true.  I mean really how do you hang over a dozen hats without it looking like there are hats everywhere?  I don't know what the answer is but for now I found this great frame in a giveaway pile at a yard sale because the middle section was broken, took a bit a little tape and impromptu matting but it was almost as good as new and perfect addition of pictures to our entry and a great place to hang your hat.

Now we have a home for three hats.  Now just the other nine... 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Life never seems to get boring.

I love how you don't know what is coming next.  All of our marriage, Chris' parents have lived hundreds to thousands of miles away and so we would only get the chance to see them a couple times a year for longer time periods.  Which builds a different dynamic in a relation ship then say the relationship with my parents who we see more frequently but only for a day or part of a day (they live a couple hours away).  Both dynamics are interesting but so completely differently and not just for distance but also for the "cultures" in each family.

Now for the first time, Chris's parents will be living about the same distance away as my parents.  We have a dynamic change happening (get it... the double reference to dynamic... I blame Chris and his puns for that).  So we went up recently to help unload some boxes and try and not do any damage while we were there, I tend to be a bit clumsy.

It was great to see their house unfolding from the empty walls and rooms to a place filled with the things that make up a day to day life.  To watch as Chris' mother opens up a box and pulls out a ceramic that her daughter made her in elementary school.  As she unloads for what will be at least the last time for a while, the stack of small frames filled with the once babies of her family that have lined her every kitchen.

It's nice to see a glimpse of what's next.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

BUWah HA ha

An evil laugh escaped my lips when I received Gussy Sews prompt for this week.  "You played right into my hand!"  I mused to myself looking around directly afterwards aware of how bizarre my behavior must have looked fingers drumming away in anticipation. 

Organization.  Makes me want to Oooo and Aahhh.  I'm pretty sure the rows and rows of plastic, basket and wood organization products was designed just for me (and only me ;P).  Organization is beautiful order in an otherwise hectic and crazy world.  It is the math of the household. You know what I mean.  In math: 1 +1 always  =2.  Cooking is like the spelling of the household: HAHA we tricked you into thinking their are rules!

It is for the rules that I love organization a little too much.  My husband has banned me from buying a label maker.  I told him it would be the best 16 hours I would ever spend.  "16 hours???  See that's what I mean, no label maker for you"

But alas without my label maker I still make due and have a lovely design for everything.  Chris tries to help me put things away.  I just have to smile, for I know that as soon as he is finished I will go back and put them were they "should" go.  I have told him but it only makes sense in my crazy crazy mind I guess.

If I were allowed everything would have it's place, a 0' 0' 0' 0' as Sheldon would say.  But then again my life wouldn't be as much fun if I didn't have a little crazy... I mean really who leaves books on the coffee table?  Crazy talk ; P

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jump off the bridge?

Why are one handle bathroom faucets so popular?  I mean really, is there something I am missing?

I want to replace my faucet head (well it isn't really replacing it if it doesn't already have one, so I guess "get" would be a better word), but as I look over the options there are very small amounts of 2 handled options.  I have used a great many showers between travel, friends and family and I do not care whether the shower has 2 handles, 6 handles or one.  So long as the water turns on and it is easily tweaked (I hate barely turning the knob only to get burned or frozen).

In the greater world that is not me: 

What is so great about a one handled shower?

Is it worth the effort to change?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dragged down by my own accord

There is something about redoing a house leaves you feeling incomplete to a degree.  Despite having finished all but two rooms of our house I still feel like the list is never ending.  It doesn't help that once you are in the mindset of looking for projects... the lists don't stop.  The items may get a great deal smaller but they still exist.

How to live with an ever present project? 

I like to view it as a hobby.  Do it when necessary and when you want to have fun, feel accomplished!  Now that will leave some lag in between projects but it is worth it to not get bogged down... or at least for me.

Do you have any tips you'd like to add on?