Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Life never seems to get boring.

I love how you don't know what is coming next.  All of our marriage, Chris' parents have lived hundreds to thousands of miles away and so we would only get the chance to see them a couple times a year for longer time periods.  Which builds a different dynamic in a relation ship then say the relationship with my parents who we see more frequently but only for a day or part of a day (they live a couple hours away).  Both dynamics are interesting but so completely differently and not just for distance but also for the "cultures" in each family.

Now for the first time, Chris's parents will be living about the same distance away as my parents.  We have a dynamic change happening (get it... the double reference to dynamic... I blame Chris and his puns for that).  So we went up recently to help unload some boxes and try and not do any damage while we were there, I tend to be a bit clumsy.

It was great to see their house unfolding from the empty walls and rooms to a place filled with the things that make up a day to day life.  To watch as Chris' mother opens up a box and pulls out a ceramic that her daughter made her in elementary school.  As she unloads for what will be at least the last time for a while, the stack of small frames filled with the once babies of her family that have lined her every kitchen.

It's nice to see a glimpse of what's next.

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