Thursday, February 9, 2012

BUWah HA ha

An evil laugh escaped my lips when I received Gussy Sews prompt for this week.  "You played right into my hand!"  I mused to myself looking around directly afterwards aware of how bizarre my behavior must have looked fingers drumming away in anticipation. 

Organization.  Makes me want to Oooo and Aahhh.  I'm pretty sure the rows and rows of plastic, basket and wood organization products was designed just for me (and only me ;P).  Organization is beautiful order in an otherwise hectic and crazy world.  It is the math of the household. You know what I mean.  In math: 1 +1 always  =2.  Cooking is like the spelling of the household: HAHA we tricked you into thinking their are rules!

It is for the rules that I love organization a little too much.  My husband has banned me from buying a label maker.  I told him it would be the best 16 hours I would ever spend.  "16 hours???  See that's what I mean, no label maker for you"

But alas without my label maker I still make due and have a lovely design for everything.  Chris tries to help me put things away.  I just have to smile, for I know that as soon as he is finished I will go back and put them were they "should" go.  I have told him but it only makes sense in my crazy crazy mind I guess.

If I were allowed everything would have it's place, a 0' 0' 0' 0' as Sheldon would say.  But then again my life wouldn't be as much fun if I didn't have a little crazy... I mean really who leaves books on the coffee table?  Crazy talk ; P

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


  1. The part about the label maker made me chuckle... ;) Labeling things is fun!

    Stopping by from Gussy's!

  2. Oh man, I got a label maker as a Christmas present and it recently broke. :( I never realized how much I loved that thing until it was gone...

    Hopping over from Gussy!

  3. Life definitely wouldn't be as fun without a little crazy!

    P.S. Tomorrow I'm having a giveaway, drop by and enter!