Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Won't last past the Apocalypse but. . .

I don't ever feel like I have enough storage space in a bathroom.  I'm pretty sure each bathroom should have a closet built in for all the stuff you actually want to store in your bathroom. . . or am I alone in this "way too much stuff to space" thing?

All the same I went looking around for options and found out that above the toilet cabinets are silly expensive for even the mesh boards with sticker like material over it to make it look like wood you're looking at around $100 or more.  That seems a little silly to me (when it is not a higher quality cabinet at least).  

So I set out on a voyage to find a solution that won't break the bank when I came across this.

I was walking around target and found it.  It was $15 and wasn't exactly what I wanted but it was a price I couldn't argue with.

The instructions and construction process was fairly simple, took me all of 5 minutes to get it all put together.

Hanging wasn't too bad either.  The screws go through the metal and so it has a big enough space a pen can go through it and mark the wall so there wasn't really a need to measure if you have a level and are okay with a little guessing.

Next came the drilling.  The cabinet is about 18" so it doesn't work well with hitting 2 x 4's so the kit comes with the wall brackets.  My drill head choices were not the right size so I simply and slowly drilled in and circled the drill around the hole.  Slowly removing a bit of drywall till I got the hole to the right diameter.  

Next you just take a hammer and tap the wall bracket in place.

Then screw it in place

And fill it with all your stuff

Though it isn't exactly what I wanted and won't last after the Apocalypse comes for $15 I couldn't much beat it and you got to love an easy insulation process!

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