Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So often I look around my house and I see the error, the list yet to finish, the endless amount of things I wish I did in a day but don't get done.

Today I say no.  No to the negative me.  No to the looking at the slightly crooked tile.  No to the "But we haven't done ...."  No to the lists of things to do.  Today I stop and take in all that we have done.  I mean really you'd think that it would be easier to focus on the fact that we have completely revamped our kitchen, one of our bathrooms, have painted all but two rooms in the house, have pictures hanging on the wall, and are working towards redoing our second bathroom.  Today I take in all that we have done.

Be encouraged today.  You will always have things you need to get done on your house (I know that I will never stop creating more things for the list) take time to enjoy what you have created: a home.

And please, in about 2 hours when I forget about all this new found optimism, remind me!

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