Thursday, January 12, 2012


So I totally forgot that I said I was going to continue the organization train... Ooops.

Okay so getting back on.

Another great way to start getting organized is clearing out and organizing something you don't use on a regular basis. I like to do things like my household cabinet, we all have one.  Filled with light bulbs, extra cleaning supplies, and other random needed household items.  The best way for me to organize is to pull out everything.  Organize the different items and dis-guard anything I don't want before trying to organize where they go in the cabinet.  The largest thing in organization is the ability to dis-guard unusable items.  It is a difficult task but it is extremely necessary.  More often then not there are things in your house, closet, kitchen that you will never use or rarely use.  The enemy of an organized home are one use wonders.  Unless you make a whole lot of doughnuts the "doughnut maker" is unnecessary, much like the "Perfect brownie maker" or the "mini pie maker".  These devises though they might sound need crowd and already full kitchen with clutter.  Unless you are using an appliance a few times a month: it is unnecessary.  There are other more efficient ways to do whatever that appliance might do.  A pan with some oil in it and dough will make just as great doughnuts.  The oven does wonders for pie ; D

My point is take it small.  Getting overwhelmed with the task ahead doesn't help anyone, but know that throwing stuff away is a huge and necessarily part of getting organized.   And this is coming from the queen of free, the lover of never spending money.  I am all for storing something you will use: toothpaste, running shoes, sugar...

Be encouraged: you can have a home you are proud of you can have an organized home and it doesn't have to take a lifetime!

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