Friday, October 28, 2011

I did the "Mash"

 was working in the lab late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight

Thanks again to an amazing challenge: Halloween Decor
I took on the... MASON JARS (insert scary "tones")

My goal: make them look like specimen jars.

I got these jars from a friend getting rid of some stuff.

Step one: clean the jars

Step two: make sure you have what's required.  you can fill the jars with a great deal of things but you need food coloring!

For my dismembered and messed up things I used fruits and vegetables

Step three: (for me) peel the oranges (making them look like gooey eyeballs) and place in one jar, then use the peel (looks almost like flattened intestines) in another jar.   

Step four: Dismembered fingers!  I used carrots.  Cut off the smaller half

Step six: use the knife to sliver off a bit in the tip (like a finger nail) and then score around that (like a cuticle) and do small half moons about mid way for a knuckle

Next step: shrunken head! Take an apple (this is the most difficult), peel it (I threw this peel into the same jar as the orange peel) and then widdle away pieces till it resembles a face (focus on the eye, nose and mouth... makes it look the most like a head).  Set it on a plate in the sun (indoors).

Step Seven:  wait 2 days for the apple to dry out.

Step Seven point five: put water in the jars and use your food coloring to add a disturbing color to the mix (but be careful not to over do it or you can't see the specimen.  Wash your hands well, screw the top on, wipe down the jars and place them where you want them on display.

Then you can Mash
You'll catch on in a flash


  1. This is AWESOME and CREEPY!!! HA - I LOVE it.. I have to try this for the kids sometime..What a creative and festive fun idea.. LOVE IT!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a part of the crawl.. LOVE it.. :))))

  2. Hello lovely.. THANKS SO MUCH again for joining in on the crawl and for your amazing feature.. Sad it's over.. Today is our party, please stop in and link up / grab a code for your bloggy friends to link up here as well.. TY TY SO MUCH AGAIN for participating.. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Wishing you a spooky fun day.. ~ XOXO