Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Fall crawl!

Fall is in on its way and I am here with waiting with open arms!  I decided to decorate but seeing as we don't all have a huge budget, and by we, I mean me, I needed to be creative... so I was.

So, I decided to make something.  I looked around the house and thanks to scrap booking I had some fun paper.

Step 1: pick out your paper

Step two:
Then since I don't do well at making cuts all the same I cut out a template and then drew on the paper for an outline.

Step Three:
Do to a desire to make it look "pattern-ish" but not completely... you know what I mean, the desire of the crazies.  The "yes/no" of everyday.

Step Four:
Stack them side two a bit higher than the next two, and the center is the lowest: GLUE!  You favorite part, you told me.

Step Five:
the pumpkin topper!  Again, I am not talented so I need a template to base the rest of them on... so I cut out out of scrap.

Step Six:
Glue topper on the pumpkin

Step Seven:
Glue/tape the pumpkins to whatever you prefer to use as the garland, I used yarn, and then choose where to put it up!

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  1. So cute! I love your creativity (= Yay for Fall!!

  2. Super adorable.. I love it.. So creative and fun.. Thanks so much for sharing.. Have to try this soon certainly...

  3. Those are SO cute - I love them!

  4. Those are really creative! I love it!!