Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's off to work they go...

Sometimes I really feel like there are little Gnomes stealing things from my house.  You know there are times when you put something exactly where it should go; you come back later and there are not there.  It is only my husband and myself so if I didn't move it and he didn't move it.... I blame a secret sect of Gnomes trying to take over the world...

Or that I move things with no recollection, but the Gnomes seem more logical :D  All this to say we have our bathroom all prepped for putting down the tile and I can't find our spacers... Being the tight person I am, I find it very difficult to go out and purchase new spacers when I know that I have some.  So after looking all throughout the house I only have one recourse: look again.  Upon which time I might concede to the stealing Gnomes.

Do you ever have things go missing?  I feel like it our lot in life... much like how the dryer eats socks... why socks when it has all of the clothes to choose from: it's trying to make you feel like you are crazy.  (If you hadn't noticed, today is a good day for conspiracy.)

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