Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Places foods

Do you have foods that make you think of locations?  Well if you don't you should, because clearly Mahi Mahi is supposed to make you think of Maui.  I mean really it is one letter off!  It is asking for it.  

I was at the Teet yestureday and picked up some Mahi cause it was on sale $6.99 lbs wild caught and it is delicious.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it.  I haven't really cooked Mahi before.  So I pulled out my handy dandy internet (yes, it is my internet... Al Gore gave it to me) and pulled up some recipies for Mahi.  I looked at about 4 and then decided, as always, to wing it.

I took the suggestion to put some type of lubricant down in the buttom: less burning.  I chose olive oil.  Then I went with a asian feel.  I topped the fish with Terrioki sauce, balsamic vinegar (only a little though because the crazy person that my husband is doesn't like it... silly, just silly), ground ginger, salt, pepper and a little butter tab on top.

All the while I had a bit of sweet potatoe on the stove top.  Our dear friend Joey brings up stuff from his family "garden" (means farm to any of you who are like me and didn't grow up with acres of plants growing out back) and shares them with us.  I used simply salt, pepper and bit of butter and that's it.  Since the fish was busy with flavors I wanted something more simple for a side.

I started it  at 450 degrees, not because it was best for it but I was finishing up some bread in the oven but didn't want to wait to put the fish in.  So it was in at 450 for about 6 minutes and then another 20 or so at 350 degrees.  You may want to cook it a bit longer cause we like to stay away from the well done side.  Chris likes it raw if it is sashimi grade ( don't get me wrong I like sushi but when I think fish I think cooked),  I'm pretty sure he is part whale.

With dinner we of course broke out the amazing and fantastic oil and herbs dipping stuff... SOoooo deilcious. 


  1. Mahi mahi makes me think of my most recent holiday to Rarotonga... How I wish I could get back.

    Andrea x

  2. your dish looks so professional! good job :)
    xo dana