Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ain't no one like the one I got...

So with the holidays coming I can feel my pants growing tighter just at the thought of all the foods I will joyfully consume!  When Gussy said to say Favorite recipe my mind went whirling... I can make decision and choose when I need to but with food... oh gosh am I so all over the place.  I determined it is cute, no matter what my husband might say.  It is one of my endearing qualities!  

So for today I will feature a recipe instead of really choosing a "favorite".  One of the things that always shows up around the holidays is this Peanut butter pie (my husband LOVES pb).  It was passed down from my dear mother in law.  Each time we make it we make it a little different.  This particular time instead of the traditional crust be tried it with Oreos.  Oh!  I just remembered that I will be able to consume large amounts of a delicious thing called 300 dollar candy... *insert evil laugh*

What are you looking forward to this fall and holiday season?


  1. I look forward to E G G N O G.. : )) YUM.. lol..

  2. Right there with you! I just found some at Harris Teeter in my area: keep you eye out!