Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One down...

The day we moved into our house I was over joyed... and over whelmed.  This was to be our first house and I knew going in that it was a fixer upper.  With a deep breath I made my way across the threshold boxes in hand.  Not one full day in the house and we started on the kitchen.  We knew we would have to completely revamp everything in there due to water damage.  So out came the cabinets, up came the floor... all within the first week.  Unlike the proactive and most movin-it couple I have ever seen, we took a... slower pace.

Nine months later the process was complete.  That process... was not a small process but we did it all, well almost all (didn't up in the counter tops), ourselves!

Pulled out old counter tops, cabinets, 3 layers of floor, had to replace sub flooring and sheet rock, put down Durock and started on tiling.  This all was completed fairly quickly.  Got it done within two months of moving in... unfortunately we had to keep moving our stove out to the porch and back in to cook... very humorous to say the least.

The next step was stalled because of money: Cabinets.  We got great cabinets and for a great deal but it took a bit to be able to throw that kind of cash down.  We put them in ourselves... I was very nervous about this but one of my brothers used to put in cabinets for a living and agreed every so awesomely to come and help us out!  In went cabinets and about 3 weeks later came the counter tops.  Then almost a year later we got our cover for our dishwasher and knobs and pulls, but now it is done (and a bit crowded from storing stuff for my sister's wedding).

Never have I been so grateful for a kitchen!  Though this process is old, bb (before blog) that's for sure, I thought it might encourage those of you who are out there still working away that though your house may not be done, A room can be!  I have to look to that sometimes, when my bathroom is in shambles (right now) when my back bedroom is being used for storage (right now)... it is my light, it is my hope: it can be done!

Please take heart!  Deep breath: one room at a time.

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