Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's time.

Happy Turkey day!

Can you believe it already here?  My tips for the day:

If you have family over or you are going to family remember that it WILL be crazy, things will not go as planned.  Choose to laugh over what could make you mad; find the joy.

Pace yourself and start early on the food so that you can eat all the more.  Yes, more food is the goal.

No matter what time the food is finished: it is the perfect time!

If you are cooking on this holiday: remember that you can do it and then you can RELAX.

Asking for help is not weakness, despite what your family might say (Ignore them, they are probably just hungry ;P).

If you are anything like me: find your pie and hide at least one piece (got to have a contingency plan). 

Most importantly: it is a day to be thankful.  Even if everything goes wrong and things get insane and people are yelling: you still got the food! (Insert big toothy grin)

To all of you out there: 

Sincerely I wish you a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!

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