Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fail to awesome

So one of the most awesome things about yard sales is really awkward framed "art".  Why is it so awesome? Because you can get them for $0.25 and revamp them!  One of our neighbors had a moving sale, so I guess past neighbors now, and was getting rid of this framed drawing?  painting?  print?  Wasn't really sure I got it for the actual frame and matting.  

Step one: take off that weird brown parchment paper off the back.

Step two: pull out matting, painting/print thing and glass

Step three: clean glass, have a photo/print/etc ready

Step four: fix frame/modge podge/paint (my case put over the base brown a crackle glaze and then a white matte paint)

Step five: put it all back together

It goes from being a terrible weird framed thing to a cheap yet usefully awesome piece of art!


  1. Fantastic job!! I have several frames with ugly art just waiting for me to rescue them! :)

  2. Cool frame! I love inexpensive redos like this. Thanks for linking up to Project Pinterest!

  3. Great job! I just bought a gigantic framed piece of "art" at a garage sale so I could use the frame for something else. I paid $5 but for the size and quality of frame it was well worth it!