Thursday, November 10, 2011

Formal, Casual: just so long as I can eat!

I have always wanted a formal dining room, or really any dining room at all.  When I was little, 3-5 yeas old, my family lived in a pretty big house (compared to the 2 bedroom 1 bath we move into next anyway).  That is the only house I have ever lived in that actually had a dining room.  There is something so nice and formal about it.  Makes me want to host family holidays just thinking about it!  My mind cuts to the thanksgiving scene painted by Norman Rockwell.  The just almost too perfect.  It is like what people idealize about family.  In a reality I don't think that we would actually want our families to be perfect.  Perfect isn't fun.  But when we think about our holidays and how they are supposed to be, our desires can be boiled down to perfect. . . never going to happen.  But in the mean time we can enjoy a wonderful dinning room filled with people you love.

Ps. This is the face I would make if I had a fireplace that big... 

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