Thursday, June 9, 2011

continuous project

Just a short six months after my husband and I got married we started the process of buying a house.  We chose a fixer-upper (doubtful that's a real word ;).

We of course chose a house that need the kitchen and both bathrooms replaced... if you know anything about house costs you know that those are the most expensive to replace.  I love my house but it is a continuous project.  I know that every house is but when I go to other people's houses I don't feel like theirs is... because I am not the person fixing it.

This beauty is our master bathroom.  We have gutted it as you can see.  Sadly I don't really have any before pictures... I don't always think.  It had basic 1980's linoleum floors, stock cabinets (from the 80's), an old cracked sink and an old stained toilet.  So out they went. 

Our plan:  Put in tile floor ourselves.  I already have the cabinet and toilet that we are going to use... not it is just getting started.

We did tiling once already : our kitchen.  I'll have to post those pictures here one of these days.  It is way easier that it looks... but be warned it is messy and tedious.

So much like the dress I'm making on one of my other blogs, this will be a slow and stead "wins the race" kind of things.

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