Monday, June 27, 2011

I hear a roast is on the menu

Is it bad that every time I go to post anything about it "being easy", which is almost all the time because it really is, I start doing a little dance to go with the Jackson 5 song I get stuck in my head.  You all know which one I am talking about...

On to the recipe:

Slow cooking a beef roast is SUPER easy.

Step one: have a roast
Step two: preheat the oven to 250 (or your crock pot to low, though this will take longer)
Step three: Put the beef in with some water (not fully covering but close) and whatever spices you desire: I used rosemary and tarragon as my two main spices
Step four: leave it be for at least 3 hours (in a crock pot more than that)

I served my roast with mashed potatoes: I don't like flakes so I use potatoes.  Rinse, but you know that.

Peel chop and put in water (I also add a little salt).  Bring it to a boil, cover reduce heat and let it light boil/simmer till you can stab the fork into the potato and it falls back off.

Drain and put back in the pot.

I use a blender so that it gets all creamy, add butter, milk (or cream or whipping cream or half and half), salt and pepper (garlic can also be fun to add) to taste (no one knows what you want your potatoes to taste like better than you!

And as my mom always said, "You have got to have at least one vegetable with each meal"  So we chose carrots... and kind of candied them.  Not sure that counts but we used butter, brown sugar (sucanat), salt and pepper.

Last ingredient:

Ready for this it is cheese

No, I am not going to say love


Yea, I warned you, cheesy but we always like to have friends over.  It really is fun... well depending on the people but we had some great and really fun friends over.

Good cooking!

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  1. you're a cutie. love the recipe--- have to try it soon! <3