Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My free poster frame!

So I found this poster frame in a free pile of stuff I was given.  It was just a basic white frame.  We needed a frame for a movie poster we had been given by our dear friend Taber. 

So I took it apart and played with it, trying to figure out what I should do with it? The room I need to put it in has an interesting pattern on the wall so I thought I would just match that.

Step One: hang the frame.  Silly I know but the easiest way for me to make sure the poster will line up with the design on the wall after I paint it is to actually mark on the poster frame the pattern.

Out pattern though fun isn't too difficult so it only will take three colors: a green color, a brown color and a pale yellow/tan

Then comes the painting within the lines.  You will mess up: it is ok.  Nothing is perfect and you wouldn't like it if it was.  Art, which is what you are making for your home, most definitely isn't perfect!  Beauty if in the imperfections. . . that's why I am gorgeous ;P

So this is the wall the frame will hang on.  I hung it long enough to mark it but then down it goes. . .

This particular frame holds in the picture/poster by bendable tabs.  I can't bend them very well with my hands so I use pliers.  Warning: if you mend too much they can twist and break... they aren't too bad to bend, it just hurts my wimpy fingers

First coat:  I always prefer to do a second coat, just to make the colors bright a crisp and to cover up any possible missed spots!

The frame itself was just a tad to small for the poster so I decided to modify my poster but cutting it down a bit to make it fit.  Make sure if you decide to do this that you, as best as you can, cut evenly on each side.  Making sure to keep the poster as centered as possible.  

After the second coat and cutting down the poster a bit:  here it is our HP7 poster!  Thanks Taber!

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