Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grocery shopping is an ADVENTURE!

Grocery shopping is a hassle to some but it is an adventure to me!  I coupon... and so each month it is my goal to spend as little as possible and get the most I can.  

This week at my local Harris Teeter is SUPER DOUBLE coupon!  On top of that they have a deal going that if you transfer or bring in a new prescription you get $20 towards groceries (up to 5 prescriptions per VIC card). 

This week I went out and got this:

All for the bargain price of:

($2.13 if that's hard to read)

How you ask?  Well, you shop by the sales and what you have coupons for.  Not necessary a "need", for example I will need sandwich bags but I don't know but I got them any way because of the price with the coupon or I don't usually buy Starbucks ice cream but I got it for a dollar.

Break down:

eVIC price on eggs is $0.77 for a doz (limit of 2) = 1.54
Uncle Bens Rice 2 for $3 - a $1 coupon that is doubled to $2= $1 (for 2 boxes) 
Hefty bags Buy/Go ($3.79) -  a $1 coupon that is doubled to $2 = $1.79  (for 2 boxes) 
Frosted Mini Wheats Buy/Go ($3.49)-  a $1 coupon that is doubled to $2 =  $1.49 (for 2 boxes) 
Starbuck's ice cream 2/6 (this coupon you only had to buy 1)  -  a $1 coupon that is doubled to $2 = $1
Frozen Meat Lasagna  2/6 (this coupon you only had to buy 1)  -  a $1 coupon that is doubled to $2 = $1
Deer Park 24pk Buy/Go (7.49)  (this coupon you only had to buy 1)  -  a $1 coupon that is doubled to $2 = $1.75 roughly
Emerald Nuts $4.99 (x 2) - a $1.50 coupon that is doubled to $3 = $7 (for 2)
And lastly my HT has a soon to go bad section in produce so I got 3 grapefruits for $1

Then you take $20 away from the prescription I had and the total runs a whopping $2.13

I am not one to boast about couponing but I got to say I am pretty proud of that one!

The fun part about it is it isnt' that hard.

I cut mine up and put them in base ball card holders 

I put them inside a binder and organize them by categories (like Frozen, cleaning... you get the ideas)

Then I go online and I look at the sales with my book open. As I go over each section of the store on sale I look over my coupons to figure out what's a good deal, who has the best deal and then I write down what I want from each store including coupons (so I don't forget).

This is my list from this week.  The most time consuming part is the starting the process, the initial push of cutting up and organization.  After that it's not a real big deal.  I put on a TV show, cut up my coupons organize them and then go over the sales all finished easily before the show! 

This process saves me so much for this year, just from HT I have saved around $540.  This trip I saved $42.90.

There are many ways to do this.... this is mine.  What's yours? 

(oh, keep in mind that if you coupon think of your house as the grocery store and the grocery store as the surplus store.  Point being you will buy stuff that you don't "need" right now but you will use, toothpaste, laundry detergent because it is $1 this week and in 2 weeks when it is needed it's $5.  If you have any other questions voice them!)


  1. Great post!! I need to take lessons from you!

  2. Oh me geez! You are a coupon queen! I wish I had your skillz. And motivation.

  3. Thanks. The motivation comes with no money ;P