Friday, June 17, 2011

Rain, rain come again!

Old house equals old... well everything.  

When we got the house we knew there were some big projects we would have to tackle: both bathrooms, kitchen, HVAC, roof, windows... you get the idea. 

We took on the kitchen first thing... loads of work and time later it was finished.  All the while we were painting and decorating our other rooms and started taking apart one of our bathrooms.  Not forgetting the exterior but putting it aside at the moment. 

  • Shingles start pulling back and flapping in a strong wind... might want to fix it... but can't right now.  More shingles pull back and it just looks funny, we go up and patch it for now time passes and it does it once more. All the while we are still working on the inside but God being as amazing as he is allowed us a way to both continue working on the inside of our house, fix the roof and not have a completely empty bank account.
Rescue Roofing and  more specifically John Kemp came to our door and offered their services to us.  What they do is work with your home owners insurance to replace natural damaged roofs.  So they come over, take a look at your roof, we signed something saying that if our insurance company (by John working with them) decided to allow us the claim that we would use Rescue Roofing, you call in the claim,  John took it from there, we got a check in less than a month and the dropped the material off one day came a couple days after that and fixed the roof all in one day!  The cleaned all the debris up using essentially a large magnet.

The men were nice and in obtrusive.  With all the hammering and walking on the roof it can get a little loud but not too bad (still able to watch a movie but if you are in need of deep silence for meditation... not going to happen).

So this is our new and wonderful roof and all for, the price of your deductible!

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