Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chocolate chip cookies... AMAZING

What's so great about these?  What's so different?  Not much.  The main thing is that they are made with the same freshly ground whole wheat flour that I use from the local mill.  It is simple much like any other chocolate chip cookies.  Many I post this to encourage you to play around with freshly ground flour. It isn't difficult to use.  Don't be afraid to go off recipe.  More often than not when I go off recipe is when it turns out great.  So I am not actually going to list the recipe because I didn't follow one.  

Baking Soda
Sugar (sucanat and Demerara)
Chocolate chips semi sweet


I challenge you to go out and bake/ cook OFF recipe! (If it has sugar it in it... it is hard to go wrong)

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