Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Part Duex of the most world altering post

So the SUPER cheap water colors I used at the last bit in part one wasn't quite enough color for me.  I looked at the frame and thought about what I might want.  Do to all a lack of creativity I decided on flowers on the vine.  Figured it was clichely girlie enough for jewelry to hang from.

I broke out my "starter" kit of acrilycs and set a move on it.  I didn't want to bright of a color and wanted to stay in the "cool" family so I went with a deep plum.  DO NOT be intimiated by acrilics.  You can have fun with it, plus if it goes back you can always paint over it and it will be covered in jewelry anyhow!  Be creative and have fun.  It is really easy so long as you have a firm small brush.  Use it like a pen... that you have to dip that apparently has some ink issues... you kind of get my point.

I did two different styles kind of on accident and kind of on purpose.  I wanted one side to look different then the other but I didn't originally intend for one side to only have 3 petals but I'm ok with it.

I like to add random colors as accents.  So I added a bright blue to the flowers and bit of bright yellow to accent the vine...

It really is super easy: take it and make it your own!

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