Thursday, August 4, 2011

A day in my life

Thanks for the challenge Gussy.

Well, let's see aside from being awesome what do my days entail?

I wake up in the morning feeling like, well not Pdiddy.  There is no brushing my teeth with a bottle of jack, in fact not much of anything that epic or wrong.  I spend the early morning hours with my dear and darling husband.  The hours following that is a torrid of awesome that is working from home.  I can multitask by handing all of this blogging stuff, cleaning, projects and work.

I am photographer, a wedding photographer specifically.  So my day is filled with looking up new and exciting techniques in photography, practicing, editing photos and responding to emails.  Seeing as I am starting out as a photographer I also help business with their online advertising.  The only thing that would make my day and life better: my husband.  I dream is that our photography business can take off enough that he can work with me all the time.

Then after I rejoice at the return of my dear white knight we start our escapade that is our night.  If we are in luck it includes those we love and loads of fun.

Silly and basic is our rule for life.

What's your day like?


  1. Silly and basic works for me! I remember a husband-wife team photographed our wedding nine years ago - I thought it was so cool they got to work together! I hope that dream of yours comes true too :)

  2. Thanks, you're sweet. I have come across that is more popular than I once thought.