Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The most world altering post

In a give away pile at a yard sale I found this. It was at one point a canvas streatched over frame but it is no longer.  I looked it over and decided I would take it home to play with it.  I have wanted something fun and artsy to hang my jewelry off.  I do have an actually jewelry box but it is too small for everything and I can't get rid of it because it was a gift to my mother from her father, who died the year I was born, and she gave it to me and it really is pretty but just not meeting the need...

So I set myself free and you will get to see the process!

Step one for me was removing the remainder of the canvas/pull out the staples.  I used a flat screwdriver... I got skills!  *insert gangsta face/pursed lips off to the side

It is once again a blank canvas waiting for me this time!

I decided to use modge podge and an book that was terrible.  One  of those books I read just before getting married, that is about marriage but says that every problem was the guys fault... wait why did I have an issue with this book again  ;P

I did a little coat on top in places where it wasn't sticking too well, then I cut off any additional paper so it was flat with the frame.  The amazing tool that I ingeniously used: scissors.

After that dried I wanted to give it a bit of color so I broke out my SUPER cheap set of water colors and set loose the teal... so it gave it a slightly washed over look.

This was brought to you by the self important.  You are required to look forward to following posts about this frame... exciting I know!

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