Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Book 3 of my epic

I decide mid way throw this amazing and life altering project that I also wanted a place to hang my belts since I so meanly stole where Chris' belts are supposed to go.  I had to wait till I could find some cheap spoons. You ask why spoons and why cheap?  Well spoons are something you can find pretty redily at most yard sales and thrift shops.  They are usually thin enough to bend easily and they provide a possible flat surface to work with.  This is where the cheap comes in hand.  Both price cheap and quality cheap is needed.  

Price because it is just better to pay less.  Quality cheap is dire for the hammering the spoon area flat and bending the handle.  I am sure you have seen this before but if you hammer the spoon head flat it make it easy to secure it to the frame (after you drill a hole) and the hand bent allows for the crook on which things can be hung.

Step one: get cheap spoons

Step two: hammer the spoon heads flat

Step three: drill holes into the spoon (you will need a pretty powerful hand drill and a drill attachment).  Use your body weight to keep the drill stable and make sure you have the spoon on something that you are ok with getting marred or possible "holey"

I unfortunately made one of my holes off center... oh well.  It will hold the belts perfectly well.

Step four: Screw the spoons into place!

Step five: bend the handles to up to a nice sized crook!

This whole process took me about 10 minutes.  It isn't hard and if you mess up get some more spoons!

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