Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Officialy a series... so I guess not epic

Next is getting something for the jewelry to hang on... seeing as that was the reason for this whole thing.

I resently was given one of those ridiculously big bags of random buttons and we have so many different types of screws lying around the house because of this project and that project that I didn't look any further.

I went into the back and grabbed the first flat head screws I could find and drilled them into the frame but only partically of course.  

Then I took my handy dandy modge podge ( I would have used super glue but ours dried up... who know they did that... I guess I break so much stuff I have never had to worry about it.  OH!  I guess that means I am getting less clumsy.) dabbed a pretty large drop on each one

Then topped each with a button.  I did a grouping of muted colors in the "cool" color family but random sizes and textures.

Kept the frame on its back for about an hour and then it was good to go.

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