Thursday, August 18, 2011

Joys of Imagination

The front porch.

  What does it mean to you?  So many people have memories and dreams of "one day".  I have a front porch... kind of...  We never sit out on it but mainly it is because it would mean setting Indian style on the wood planks, not the most comfortable.

When I think about the front porch I smile at the small bistro set we could have sipping cappuccino why I don't know since i don't like coffee (heretical I know), maybe even wearing a barre and looking out over some cobble stone street.  But that's the whole thing: it's all in my head for as soon as I walk outside and look to my left (it is a small porch, leave it alone) I see planks... that's it.  Whatever happened to my childhood imagination... I guess I use it on the porch?

One day I will have a bistro set, one day I will sit and try to like coffee once again (I should amend this, if you add enough flavored creamer, sugar, blend it and top it with a lot of whipped cream then I'm ok with it... but I feel like it is more of a milkshake then anything else at that point).  I will hold hands with my darling and talk about... well, anything.  I will be bundled with a blanket and scarf because there is no way I am volunteering to sit out in the heat of the south till it is winter, and there is no heat.  (hard to tell my preference on things isn't it?)

Thanks for the prompt Gussy Sews.

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  1. We are getting a bistro set for our front porch too. Great minds must think alike :) We have one for the back but I'm searching for that perfect fit for the front. Not as easy as it would sound.

  2. Yea, so I have been told... I haven't even really looked ;P