Thursday, August 25, 2011

Colors, Mash and inability to choose

Thanks for the prompt Gussy... Favorite color.  Makes me think of playing around the playground as a child playing MASH.  "Name three guys...Name three colors..."

As a child I loved red, for my older brother loved red.  Later I decided I would stick with it cause it was easier than trying to choose another.  Years pass and I still would just answer "red" cause... well, why not.  Being truthfully honest I don't know what my favorite color is.  I love bright colors, but then again I love muted colors too, dark winter greys, the jewel tones of the fall... It is easier to say what colors I don't like instead of the colors I do like.  But that's very me.  My husband says that I am a classic "Yes/No" person.  I can't give a straight answer.  I always have to give qualifications even for something as simple "Where do you want to eat?"  I guess it is hopeless for me to pick something as permanent as a "favorite color".

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  1. Visiting from Gussy and I have to say I feel the exact same way!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, most think I am just super silly... well, I am but I don't feel like this is a reason to state it. Too many choices

  3. Awsome. I love the way you put your thoughts on your blog!!