Thursday, September 22, 2011

Relax and Chill

"Family Room" makes me automatically think of a musky basement that is only partially finished, just enough that were children to jump around and fall there would be no maiming.  That could be do to my parents "family room"  when I was really little was pretty much that to a tee.  Now, if I were to have a "family room" it would look a bit different.  I would be more of a "den" situation.  I would want couches that are comfy enough to take naps in and be a lot more relaxed "in case".  Have my "entertainment stuff" in there.  It would be wide open enough to play "twister" and work on projects!  It is a room of life and fun... it is chill and relaxed.

This was brought to you by deep thoughts inspired by Gussy Sews!


  1. I definitely agree that napping is a great thing to do in a family room!

    Stopping by from gussy!

  2. I enjoy nap time esp in the family room :)) *Great post* :)) ps: I LOVE the perspective of your photo above..