Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mirror mirror, not on the wall?

Do you ever see something and think... I'm not sure if I can do something with that?  Yea, that's me... pretty much all of the time but I figure I can't make it worse and I'm ok with that.  There is no measuring, there is nothing exact about it and since I know that I'm totally ok with pretty much any result.  And this is coming from a person with a pretty severe OCD's... but in my own little messed up world if I don't try and make it perfect it is ok.

So step one: I picked up this mirror in a throw away pile

Next I put a glaze on the frame,  it is a simple clear mixing glaze.  This allows for top coat of paint to be easier to see through and wipe away before it dries.

Let it dry fully before putting on the next coat

Then I put an antique white on top of the glaze and used a rag to wipe up areas to make it look more worn and faded.

What do you think? 


  1. So cute!! You did a great job!

    I have a fun rosette giveaway going on right now that I would love for you to enter!

  2. love! Love that you took something old and made it new, I love doing that kind of thing. You did a great job on it:) visiting from Gussy!