Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chicken Parm on a whim

So my husband and I were out after a long day and we wanted to eat quick... so we made Chicken parm?

Yes, that is actually true.  How we made it was pretty quick.  I got some fresh chicken (it was buy1 get 1, actually the reason we chose to eat Chicken Parm), pounded it out flat (I put it inside wax paper so that it doesn't splash)...

Ready for the El Cheapo version right here: crushed Ritz crackers

 Dip the chicken in milk and then into the ritz crackers 
 Then on to the frying, I used a bit of butter and olive oil
Then topped it with premade tomato sauce... wonderful and hit the spot in less then 15 min.  My favorite part of this meal: I could just leave it be frying and come back every 7 min or so to flip it!

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  1. YUM YUM YUM.. I'm such a chiecken lover.. I have to try this.. :)) Thanks for sharing..

    (ps: I sent you a fun email FALL CRAWL BLOG HOP, hope you can get a sec to respond.. thank you..)