Thursday, September 8, 2011

Inspiration by any other name

Inspiration, such an odd word.  It can mean music that references God, it can mean movies that make you cry, it means muse to others.  To me the idea of inspiration in the sense that Gussy: inspirational books.  To me that makes me think of children... not in the sense of having my own but the joy, ease, energy, and imagination!  I miss my imagination!  It could turn a table and chairs into a pirate ship or a cave on a lost island.  Now it is just a place to eat dinner... When was the last time you brought out blankets and sheets to make a secret tent?  When was the last time you wanted a secret tent.  Childhood is an amazing thing because not even if you were locked in at age 8 would you keep the childish joy you have life experience would get in your way.  Thus Peter Pan is my ultimate inspiring book.  I place where a child can live on as a child... what a great thought.

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  1. Peter Pan is a wonderful book! I love books that encourage children to use their imagination and enjoy the freedom only childhood can bring!