Friday, July 15, 2011

Carcus smarcus

Do you remember the roasted chicken that we made... do you remember the soup I said I was going to make with the carcus?  Well if you don't you can still appreciate the most amazing soup ever.  

Oh, I am really humble by the way... and not sarcastic ;P

Ok so step one: put carcus in big pot of water, or crockpot (I prefer crockpot because I want to be able to leave the house and I am more comfortable leaving a crockpot running instead of the stove), let it soak and cook on a low temp for a few hours (I did 3 hours).

Step two:  get all the skin, bones, cartalige and all that out of the broth.  I put it in a bowl and scavenge for left over meat to use in the soup.

Step three: add whatever you want into the soup.  I used whatever I had which included: canned peas and green beans, butter beans, rotini noodles, chicken, a potato, corn, a handful of chopped bell pepper, a habenero pepper, a red chilli, fresh sage, parsley and basil, salt, pepper and peprika.  I prefer my chicken soup to be a little spicy... to each their own.  But basically just throw anything in it really.

Step four: leave it alone for an hour or more

Step five: eat it

It is so low maintenence it isn't even funny.  I mean really all you have to do is leave it be.  You can clean the house or, if you were me, mow the yard and you are fine if not better!  It is for this reason: multitasking that I love this soup!   I served it with some fresh whole wheat freshly ground wheat, which you can see how I make it here.

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