Thursday, December 15, 2011

Repurpose and reuse

I am super cheap/tight... this is in every aspect of my life: including house decor.  I am always looking for a neat but cheap way to spruce up the place.  Today's escapade: Jars.

I always have a million jars that are left from spaghetti sauce, jam, you name it.  I don't recycle (I know the horror!) for three reasons 
1. I have to pay for it
2. The recycling process actually depletes the ozone layer
3.  I like re-purposing things

So this is my use of it for now: one is for my sister's wedding but for now I will use them as a centerpiece, candle holders and glasses

Super easy: mainly takes patience to get all the goo off... and thus I use Goo Gone 

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