Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Grout, seal, paint

Next step is grouting!

It is very important that you keep the grout on the wet side.  If the grout is too dry the grout will dry out and crack... not a good thing if you couldn't guess.

These are the tools you will need.

Rubber Gloves
Grout Float
Something to scoop out the grout out.

All you have to do is use the float across the tiles pressing down into the cracks and scrape off the extra pushing it to other cracks still needing to be sealed in.  Use the rounded counter to scrape edges to give a bit of a divot.

After a 24 hours of drying  (do not walk on it) it is time to seal the grout.  We used a simple spray can as our sealant but there are many options. 

Next stop prepping the walls!

Where the wall has bumps and divots it has to be fixed before painted.

I use a puddy knife to remove bumps on the wall.
Do any sanding that is needed and wipe walls before trying to puddy in holes.

After the puddy has dried sand anything thing that is necessary and then wipe down the walls again before starting to paint.

Personally I like to start with the edges.  The key of edge work is patience.  You can use the special tools specifically used for edges or tape but I prefer to go slowly cause both tape and the edging tools leave a line of unpainted wall.

First layer down and more to go

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