Thursday, December 22, 2011


My family like many has a lot of birthdays in November.  Makes sense when you think about it. . . Valentines Day and all that.  All the same some how each birthday seems to creep up on me.  I know they are coming but they just keep coming.  About a week ago I heard my brother was coming into Raleigh to hang out, so I went over an spent some time with him.  Not much time since he came into Raleigh to play golf.  While he was away my nieces and I hatched a plan: an impromptu b'day celebration.  Seeing as somehow we were stranded without a car we had no choice but to use what we had.  This was our creation.  With the use of tissue paper, paper, the two candles in the house and the baking goods we could find this is what we came up with. . . whatcha think?

The cakes looked a bit funny but tasted great, they were crushed pineapple and strawberry upside down cakes.  In the end my brother was surprised and the cakes were crushed.

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