Monday, May 23, 2011

Passion for clean dishes

I am the youngest of 5 kids.  That leads to a busy and full house as a child.  My mom managed her household duties by using the important method of delegation.  Unlike a lot of delegation methods I have seen my mom chose one chore for each kid and it didn't change but possibly once a year.  My chore (I started my apprenticeship at 6) was dishes.  You would think after so many years of washing them that I would hate dishes. . .well to a degree I do.  I hate dirty dishes.  I hate hate hate dirty dishes.  As I said before, to you or at least someone else, I prefer to hand wash dishes.  Then I can clean and put away dishes one at a time so that it never builds up either dirty or clean.  I hate a pile of dirty dishes!  I hate a pile of clean dishes!  I don't like piles of any kind really.  My goal with all cleaning is to leave you pile-less.  Who wants to have a "laundry day"?  I don't know that many people want to devote a day or more than one day to doing laundry or any chore for that matter. Small steps:  when you finish breakfast, instead of moving on to the next task take the 2 minutes and wash those 3-7 dishes you might have, then you are done.  There are no dishes in the sink waiting no one more item on a to do list that is longer than you could ever accomplish let alone in one day!

(This is at my parents house)


  1. I appreciate your words of wisdom.

  2. I appreciate your words of wisdom. And, I too, like to handle chores as they come, without the pile up.