Friday, May 27, 2011

Jungle of Dandelions

So often I am telling you what to do and if you are anything like me when I see someone constantly doing things I wonder do they just have everything handled?  Well this is to both assure that is not true and to show the humor that is my yard.

My husband and I had a riding lawn mower that we bought used.  I worked once and died.  We have been cautious of buying another since.  We don't like buying things new if we can help it both for the cost but for the mark up... to each their own (I was not at all well off growing up so when it can be gotten used and run as well as new, I am all for it).  But unfortunately for our neighbors (who are very sweet) it took till now for us to come to a decision about what to do... and so our yard is a jungle of dandelions.  So now it is off to cutting the jungle...

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