Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's time to start again.

It's time.  Sadly there is no postponing, no thumb twiddling left to do. . . I must take on our other bathroom!

This time it is a bit harder.  Asside from the same thing I had to do in the last bathroom with pulling out the base boards, quarter round, floor, cabinet, toilet, tile and replace it all back again... and paint (I always forget that). This time we have to replace the shower/tub.  Unfortunately this house was built in the 80's which means a lot of things but in this case it means they built our tub into the studs...

This means that it is too big to get out of our house in one piece.  Even if we remove the door and frame it still will not be big enough.  So sadly we have to go through the process of cutting up our fiberglass tub bit by bit.

This will not be fun but you will get to see the process!  You shaking with excitement yet?  Cause I'm shaking with nerves!

Today all I started with is removing the floor boards and quarter round.  I do it with as little damage as possible because I plan on reusing it once again.

Eekk but we are almost done with all the big projects in the house!

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