Saturday, July 7, 2012

Goodbye... at least for now

Our adventure is coming to a close.  My home is finished.  Each room complete.  I can't help but feel nostalgia. It's like senior year when you forget the exams, pimples and stupid homework and all that you can think of is all the good times.  Movie montages of school dances and walking down the hall laughing with friends only exchange dances with house parties and walking down the hall with playing board games.

How fitting that after all of this construction and let's be honest deconstruction it is come time for us to leave.  So as I say goodbye to our first and now newly rebuild home I walk through the empty bedrooms and walk down the barren halls being all nostalgic.  Now if only I could get a freeze frame of my with my fist in the air.

Thanks for caring to read our silly adventures.


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